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Become a Mental Health Champion


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A Mental Health Champion is any person or organization that raises awareness for mental health, reduces the stigma, and provides support and hope to those in need.

Aurora is thankful to have Mental Health Champions walking the halls of our hospitals every day. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we encourage you to join us. Take the pledge become a Mental Health Champion by spreading hope and sharing mental health resources with those in need.

Being a Mental Health Champion is easier than you might think! You can take part in a few different ways that only take a couple of minutes! Here are a few ideas of where to get started:

Talk about mental health the same way you talk about physical health – out in the open. In the same way you might catch a cold and feel “under the weather”, sometimes our mental health needs a sick day too and it’s perfectly fine to recognize and voice that.
Share your story - Many people have either experienced mental health challenges or have family or friends who have. By sharing your own story, you might empower and encourage others to share their story as well. When we share, we help educate.
Share resources – social media is a great tool to share mental health resources, awareness campaigns, and stay connected with the mental health community for events, webinars, and online lectures! Share it with those in your network, you never know who you can help with the simple click of a button.
Take a FREE mental health screening annually. Mental Health America provides a free online screening for an annual check-up. Set a reminder in your calendar and check-in with your mental health regularly!

Ready to take the pledge?

Here’s how it works - Fill out the form below and Aurora will send you a Mental Health Champion Starter Kit with a card and exclusive Mental Health Champion sticker acknowledging your dedication to mental health and wellness in our communities. Can't see the form? Click Here.

There’s Hope At Aurora

If you or a loved one are experiencing mental health or addiction symptoms that are concerning or worry you, Aurora is here to help.  Our caring team of professionals takes a holistic and authentic approach while providing expert psychiatric care for teens and adults.  For more information or to schedule a free confidential assessment, call our 24/7 Admissions Line at 877.870.7012.  

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