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Inpatient Substance Use Programs In Tempe & Glendale, AZ

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Addiction Recovery Programs

Aurora Behavioral Health’s Inpatient Substance Use Services are for adolescents and adults, 13 and over, requiring detox and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Treatment begins with a period of detoxification in which the patient receives medical care during withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. Following the initial detox process, patients continue inpatient treatment with a multidisciplinary approach that brings together psychiatric and addiction treatment experts in a highly specialized program designed to meet each patient’s individual needs, focused on long-term recovery and overall well-being.

Our goal is to help patients gain control of their lives and learn new ways to manage stress without the use of drugs or alcohol. Each patient’s path to recovery is different, and we recognize the need for individualized treatment planning to ensure each patient can maintain progress long after completion of the program. Our Inpatient Substance Use Program is more than just medical detox. Our program is designed to not only assist patients with withdrawal and detox symptoms with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), but continues after detox to allow greater insight into triggers and help patients learn how to manage a variety of challenges that contribute to addiction before stepping down to Aurora’s Outpatient Services.

Our Program includes:

            Intensive assessment and evaluation

            Group, individual, and family therapy sessions

            Recreational and expressive therapies

            Stress management and coping skill groups

            Patient education to improve understanding of the illness

            Chaplain services and spirituality groups

            Daily 12-step program meetings

            Aftercare planning and transition to Outpatient Services


Holistic Treatment at a Glance:

Inpatient & Outpatient Programs

Aurora believes in a holistic approach to patient care and has programs available to patients at any step in the journey to recovery. Our Outpatient Program gives patients the opportunity to put their new tools to practice by extending the therapeutic process while returning to everyday life. This allows patients to have the additional support they need, while navigating life with a new lens. We believe addiction is a treatable disorder and that care provided by compassionate professionals in an environment of support and mutual respect will heighten patient’s self-esteem and promote medical, emotional, spiritual, and social recovery.

Help is only a phone call away. Aurora is where healing starts and the road to recovery begins.

We accept admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, please contact our 24/7 Patient Services Helpline at:  (877) 870-7012