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Adolescent Inpatient Detox & Chemical Dependency Program In Tempe and Glendale, AZ

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adolescent addiction treatment program

We also offer adolescent inpatient chemical dependency services for patients between the ages of 13-17 requiring detoxification and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction while learning to cope with the chemical addiction. Our goal is to empower patients to live their lives and learn ways to manage stress without the use of drugs and alcohol. As each patient’s path to recovery is different, we recognize that every patient is an individual and deserves to be treated with dignity, care and respect. We believe addiction is a treatable disorder and that the care provided by compassionate professionals in an environment of support and mutual respect heightens patients’ self-esteem and promotes medical, emotional, spiritual and social recovery.

Treatment is offered in a structured, but supportive environment by a multidisciplinary treatment team including psychiatrists, physicians, addictionologists, social workers, family counselors, nurses, adjunctive therapists, chemical dependency counselors and dieticians. After a comprehensive assessment and evaluation is completed to identify a patient’s strengths and needs, this multidisciplinary team develops an individualized treatment plan including input from the family/support system.

We focus on a practical approach to treatment including a variety of services:

  • Intensive assessment and evaluation
  • Group and family therapy sessions
  • Recreational therapies
  • Stress management and coping skills groups
  • Patient education to improve understanding of the illness
  • Daily 12-step program meetings
  • Aftercare and discharge planning

Our first priority is providing the intensive care and support needed to medically stabilize patients and begin the medical process of detoxification. Most patients can be successfully detoxed within a three to six day period, but the length of stay is determined on an individual basis depending upon the substance of abuse, its frequency and amount, and any concurrent medical or psychiatric issues that may arise. 

During treatment, each adolescent is assigned a Patient Care Manager, who serves as a point of contact for the family, community support representatives, or other outpatient providers. Over the course of treatment, our Patient Care Managers establish needs for ongoing services as a part of the treatment planning process, by coordinating services that are tailored to the child and family. Parents, guardians, or caregivers are offered training and psychoeducation support to better understand their child’s ongoing behavioral health needs post-discharge from the hospital. It is our mission to help families identify both natural and community supports that will help the adolescent best acclimate back into day-to-day activities after hospitalization. 

One of the program’s primary goals is the patient’s continuation in chemical dependency treatment upon discharge. Chemical Dependency Counselors work with patients on an individualized basis to identify the appropriate level of care the patient needs.

Help is only a phone call away. Aurora Behavioral Health System is where healing starts and the road to recovery begins.

We accept admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information about our chemical dependency and detox program, or any other program, please contact us or call our 24/7 Patient Services Helpline at:  (877) 870-7012

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