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The Benefits & Successes of Mental Health Outpatient Services at Aurora Behavioral Health

May 25, 2022 Posted in: News Release

People with mental health challenges can sometimes feel alone in their struggles. By taking part in an outpatient program at... Continue reading →

Top 10 Signs of Bipolar Disorder and How to Get Help

May 25, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by significant mood swings, including emotional highs and lows. Most people with this... Continue reading →

Types of Substance Abuse and Strategies to Overcome Addiction

May 25, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Many people use substances such as alcohol recreationally for enjoyment or to unwind and destress. Though there are also those who use them for... Continue reading →

What Causes a Mental Breakdown? Signs, Symptoms, & Recovery

May 25, 2022 Posted in: News Release

More than one out of every four adults may experience a mental breakdown during their lifetime. These emotional experiences can be very difficult to manage, often leading to severely... Continue reading →

How to Help a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder If They Refuse Treatment

April 14, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Do you have a friend or family member who is declining care or treatment for their bipolar disorder? Read through this guide to learn more about what this mental health condition is, why your loved one may... Continue reading →

Chemical Dependency Vs. Addiction: What’s the Difference?

April 13, 2022 Posted in: News Release

When comparing chemical dependency and addiction, many people may believe they are the same thing. While they do share some similarities in causes and symptoms, there are some contrasts between these two... Continue reading →

Ranking Arizona Votes Aurora Behavioral Health #1 Rehabilitation Facility in 2022, For the Fifth Year in a Row

March 30, 2022 Posted in: Press Release

... Continue reading →

Warning Signs of Self-Harm

February 17, 2022 Posted in: Announcement

There are many reasons why someone may turn to self-harm. It is often seen as a way for someone to cope with physical and emotional stress or mental health conditions.

... Continue reading →

Anxiety’s Impact on Frustration and Anger

February 17, 2022 Posted in: Announcement

When it goes unchecked, anxiety can lead to much more than just feelings of nervousness or fear. If these emotions go on long enough without proper management or... Continue reading →

Bipolar Disorder: Triggers & Coping Strategies

February 17, 2022 Posted in: Announcement

An estimated 2.3 million Americans struggle with bipolar disorder every year. This significant condition can be difficult to manage.

To help family... Continue reading →