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Chaplain Services Program in Tempe and Glendale, AZ

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Our chaplain services provide patients with spiritual support and guidance as they attend mental health treatment programs. Chaplains help patients answer questions on spirituality that often arise when a person faces mental health challenges. Additionally, our chaplains can help patients access religious services and other faith-based support in their communities.

Our chaplains are non-denominational, and people of all faith practices can benefit from our chaplain services. Patients who do not follow any faith practice are also welcome to work with our chaplains. Read more about our chaplain services below.

Chaplain services as part of a holistic care approach

At Aurora Behavioral Health, our team recognizes the multi-part challenges that patients face when addressing their behavioral health needs. In addition to clinical needs for mental health issues, patients also have spiritual and emotional needs. Our chaplain services allow our team to meet those spiritual and emotional needs and offer holistic care that tends to all aspects of a patient’s wellbeing.

When a patient addresses their clinical, emotional, and spiritual needs at the same time, patients can leave treatment programs with greater control over their behavioral patterns and wellbeing. Patients can use methods from clinical therapy and a grounding in their faith to self-manage stress and complications in their lives more effectively. Additionally, a person’s faith community can provide an important support structure for maintaining one’s mental health after the person leaves a treatment program.

How chaplain services can help patients

When patients participate in mental health treatment programs, they are often in the middle of significant life challenges. These challenges often result in the patient seeking guidance and answers to important spiritual questions. People commonly request spiritual care and chaplain services when they are:

  • Struggling with the meaning of life
  • Feeling cut off from God
  • Grappling with questions about life
  • Needing the comfort of prayer or spiritual support
  • Working through grief
  • Questioning whether their God or higher power cares
  • Feeling hurt by a religious or spiritual community
  • Questioning why a difficult event is happening
  • Feeling abandoned or punished by God or a higher power
  • Feeling guilty and expressing regrets

Chaplains can also help with logistical needs, such as providing a Bible, sacred texts, or holy writings from specific faith traditions. Additionally, chaplains can help with contacting religious leaders from the patient’s faith tradition. Importantly, chaplains help patients with their religious and spiritual needs while patients participate in mental health programs. This overlapping service ensures that patients get the spiritual support they need as soon as possible rather than after discharge.

Spirituality groups as a part of the patient experience

In addition to accessing traditional chaplain services at Aurora Behavioral Health, patients can also participate in spirituality groups. Spirituality groups occur outside of clinical therapy sessions and include regular meetings where patients can participate in prayer and meditation. Patients also spend time learning about forgiveness, grief, and how to improve how they communicate their emotions. Patients often find that the time they spend on their spiritual connection to nature and the divine can help in their healing process.

Chaplain services for a variety of faiths and religious backgrounds

Part of the healing process in behavioral health programs involves being open and clearly communicating clinical and spiritual needs. Our team strives to make patients from all faiths and religious backgrounds feel respected and comfortable communicating their needs.

Chaplain services at Aurora Behavioral Health are available to patients of all faiths and religious backgrounds, and people who do not adhere to any faith practice or religion can also access and benefit from our chaplain services. Our chaplain services are non-denominational, and it is important to note that chaplain services do not require patients to hold specific beliefs or engage in religious practices. Patients who only wish to learn more about spirituality-related questions and support are welcome to engage with our chaplain services and spirituality groups.

Accessing chaplain services at Aurora Behavioral Health

Chaplain services are available to patients, families, and staff members at our behavioral health hospital, and anyone can request a visit with a chaplain regardless of personal faith traditions. To access our chaplain services, existing patients can ask a member of their current healthcare team for more information. Our team members can then organize a time for a chaplain to meet with the patient and discuss the patient’s needs and concerns. Additionally, our team can enroll patients in an on-campus spirituality group.

Getting started with treatment at Aurora Behavioral Health

At Aurora Behavioral Health, we are proud to offer comprehensive services to our patients. We believe that a holistic and evidence-based treatment philosophy can help patients achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Additionally, we believe that taking care of clinical and spiritual needs during treatment can help patients achieve long-term behavioral change.

To get started with treatment, reach out to our team to learn more about our programs and facilities. Our behavioral health hospital has a campus in both Tempe and Glendale, AZ, and both hospitals feature a range of modern facilities for inpatient and outpatient care programs. You can call us at 877.870.7012. Alternatively, you can contact us online, and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

After you contact us, our team can help schedule you or a loved one for a free mental health assessment. The mental health assessment helps our clinical team learn more about the patient’s unique needs, and with the assessment results, our team can start building a custom care program. During the assessment appointment, individuals can also share any concerns regarding their spiritual needs and chaplain support.