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Summer Program For Teens

Aurora’s Summer Program For Teens offers structured therapeutic day treatment program to address common challenges associated with emotional and behavioral management including anxiety, depression, self-harm, poor social skills, and/or substance use during the summer months. Teenagers ages 13-17 will focus on identifying triggers and developing skills to improve coping mechanisms, improve communication, and increase social skills to help manage challenges in the home, school, and community. 

Utilizing a group processing model, patients will follow a structured curriculum that incorporates emotional regulation, interpersonal intelligence, peer collaboration, distress tolerance, and goal setting to address each individual’s therapeutic goals. 

Summer Team Program is offered five days a week Monday-Friday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm for up to 8 weeks. 


 Additional Benefits of the Program: 

• Inpatient level treatment in a less restrictive setting.

• Increased ability to navigate through crisis situations effectively, reducing the need for crisis involvement and risk for out of home placement.

• Increased positive self-image, social skills and self-esteem.

• Empowerment to utilize skills in home and community environments while working through the program. 


Common Treatment Needs:

• Mood management

• Dealing with anger effectively

• Depression and anxiety

• Substance use

• Social Skills, self-awareness and self esteem

• Healthy communication and boundaries

• Relationships and support

• Grief, loss and trauma resolution

• Self-injurious behaviors

• Maintaining recovery and wellness

• Goal setting and life skills


To learn more details about our Summer Program For Teens, please see our brochure and call our 24/7 Patient Services Helpline at:  480.378.2718