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Routines and Mental Health


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Routines & Mental Health

“Practice makes perfect” is an age-old adage that can help anyone achieve their goals.  Whether it’s for competitive outlets such as sports, work, or other hobbies, practice is the key to success and a feeling of pride in yourself.  Practice doesn’t need to be something that is fixed to sports, it can be applied to any part of our lives, including our daily routines. 

A routine is something that can be practiced as well, and when done long enough it becomes a habit of success.  Routines are amazing and help produce profound effects for our mental health as well as several other aspects of our lives.  They offer an opportunity to have something we can count on no matter what happens during the day or how uncertain things can feel.  That simple bit of control and scheduling can have a direct link to less anxiety, better sleep, positive attitude, and so much more.  

Admiral William H. McRaven famously said “Make your bed,” on the cover of his New York Times best seller and he didn’t say it for any small purpose.  Admiral McRaven’s intent was to show that doing little things consistently leads to consistent success.  If you wake up and make your bed, you start your day off with a victory no matter what.  From there, you can build into much larger goals and add more tasks. It may sound silly, but a successful routine can be as easy as making your bed in the morning.  

We live in a world filled with uncertainty right now and it’s hard to feel in control over anything at times. By finding those little things you can change, you can influence and build to the person you want to be.  

There are hundreds of things you can do to build a routine, and everyone is unique. You don’t always have to do the same thing as friends or family members, though there may be pressure to. Below are some great resources on the benefits of routine, examples, and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. 

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