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Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program in Arizona

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At Aurora Behavioral Health System, we provide intensive outpatient treatment programs to young adults. Patients for these programs are between 18 to 25 years old. Below, we detail the many challenges that young adults face and can lead to behavioral health problems. We also cover our treatment methodologies and share how young adults can access available treatment options.

What type of challenges do young adults face?

Young adults face a range of challenges that can lead to stress and mental health issues. Common challenges that young adults face include:

  • Challenges from social media. While social media has many benefits, it can also be a significant source of stress for young people. Social media can lead to low self-esteem when people see others' lives online that may appear more exciting than their own. Additionally, young adults can face social media addictions and experience negative impacts on their personal and professional lives from excess usage of social media technology.
  • Money-related challenges. Many young people face difficulties regarding money. These challenges can come from the burden of debt through student loans or high-interest credit cards. Additionally, young people can face money challenges due to difficulty finding employment in competitive job markets.
  • Challenges in school. Often, young people face school-related challenges. These challenges can come from demanding courses and difficult workloads. Additionally, young people can also face stress from completing lengthy school applications and preparing for difficult standardized tests.

Throughout these challenges, young adults may feel lost. They are often unsure of what to prioritize, and many young people can be very hard on themselves. When young people cannot meet the above challenges and manage related stress, these individuals can develop serious mental health issues and require help from behavioral health professionals.

What is an intensive outpatient program for young adults?

The purpose of a young adult intensive outpatient program is to provide behavioral health treatment to young adults in need. Through our programs, we aim to help young adults better manage their transitions into adult life. During these outpatient programs, young adults learn a range of life skills and increase their independence. Most intensive outpatient programs for young adults last eight weeks.

During an intensive outpatient program for young adults, patients participate in a range of therapy sessions and undergo behavioral health assessments. Therapy methods can include individual therapy and group therapy. Each session's goal is to help patients understand their behavioral patterns and learn to better manage their responses to stress and challenges in their lives.

Behavioral health issues that intensive outpatient programs can treat

Outpatient behavioral health programs can help young adults face a range of behavioral health challenges and mental health conditions. Outpatient behavioral health programs are often beneficial for young adults who struggle with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Low self-esteem or self-worth
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Self-reliance
  • Engaging in social interactions
  • Making decisions.

With the help of behavioral health professionals, young people can develop behaviors that help them with their current challenges and that set them up for success throughout their lives. When young adults face challenges in the future, they will be able to better manage their responses to those situations.

Young adults suffering from behavioral health issues are not alone

Some young adults who suffer from behavioral health issues may be hesitant to seek help. Young adults may face stigma surrounding behavioral health treatment and may wrongly believe that needing help is a personal failure.

Young adults who need help managing their behavioral health and mental health conditions need to know that they are not alone. While many people do not publically share their struggles, many other young adults also face serious challenges. Young adults face a lot of pressure, and needing help navigating life's challenges is not uncommon.

It is also important for young adults to know that treatment options that are compatible with their lifestyles are available. Behavioral health treatment does not mean that young adults need to give up their social lives, jobs, or school responsibilities for weeks or months. Intensive outpatient programs allow young adults to maintain many aspects of their everyday lives while receiving the treatment they need.

Accessing treatment at Aurora Behavioral Health System

At Aurora Behavioral Health System, we understand that young adults navigate significant challenges, many of which will affect them throughout their lives. Our team understands the pressure that these challenges can place on young people, and we have experience helping young adults cope with a range of mental health and behavioral health conditions.

Getting started at Aurora Behavioral Health System is easy. If you or a loved one may benefit from an intensive outpatient program for young adults, the first step is to contact our team. You can contact us online or call us directly at (877) 870-7012 to discuss our campuses' treatment programs. We offer outpatient treatment programs for young adults in Arizona at two campuses. The Aurora West Campus is in Glendale, AZ, and the Aurora East Campus is in Tempe, AZ.

We can help answer any questions you have about our behavioral healthcare facilities and outpatient treatment programs for young adults, and we can schedule you or a loved one for a free mental health assessment. We can also discuss program logistics with young adults and their parents, including how to qualify for complimentary transportation services.