Emerging Adult Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Young Adults in Arizona

Aurora Behavioral Health System’s Outpatient Services has created a specialty intensive outpatient therapy group for those individuals ages 18-25 in Arizona who are defined as “emerging adults” as they are no longer adolescents, but do not quite feel like full-fledged adults yet.

This unique time in one’s life often results in feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth as this period can feel “role less” because young adults do a wide variety of activities, but are not constrained by any sort of role requirements. In addition, they have often not been provided with the necessary tools to become independent. This scenario can lead to depression and/or anxiety. These mental health issues may have been present during adolescence, but are now being exasperated with the pressures and the expectations of entering adult life. This group not only addresses the subsequent mental health issues via evidence-based treatment, but will also provide participants with necessary life skills to advance their independence and to discover how and where they fit into society.

Who Should Attend

Individuals in Arizona who are between the ages of 18-25 and who are suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem or low self-worth, and, now, these emotional disturbances are inflicting an inability to succeed and to excel. Many in this age group are still completely dependent on their parents, whether financially, emotionally or physically (e.g. still living with their parents). Many times, our clients have had a troubled adolescence, but were able to mask their suffering via, for example, good grades. In addition, this generation experienced bullying like none before them due to the prevalence of social media. Now, the emotional consequences are brimming at the surface and are disallowing their development into adulthood as they do not know how to deal with the outcomes of bullying. Participants are also often struggling with decision making, having problems with peers, feeling inadequate to thrive and feeling unequipped to come into their own.

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